The sun; Blue Skies; The beach; The holiday; The getaway ; Family; Relaxation;Refresh.


The summer vibes are humming in. (Well not quite as much in Africa… that’s foreign! We’re in warm weathers all year long. Apart from some wet months)

It’s time to sit back, unwind, take out the light clothing,  put on some sun-block and bask away.

We all have the summer all planned out perfectly:
~To some it could be a fully all expenses paid trip to some exotic island, the Bahamas? Maldives?
~Others make it a family affair event and use this time to reconnect with old folks and distant relatives.
~Some sadly its grim periods… those summer vacation study camps. Argh … Buzz kill !!!

But why not have the planetry time of your life by having a zodiac tailor-made holiday? Draw your inspiration from these horoscope appropriate relaxation means.

You may be a skeptic… (been there, done that, left doing it) but it’s an irrefutable fact that astrology indeed does have its place in the circle of life. Just like those unexplained misteries that surpass human understanding ,i.e black holes in the universe, zodiac signs are just to be taken as they are. Best believe it’s true.

So make this a summer with a difference. Don’t go against your astrological flow. Stay in sync. Do as the stars luminate.




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