#BOOK REVIEW | ‘Promise you won’t tell?’ by John Locke


This is a very touchy novel addressing our universal fear of vulnerability and not having total control over how events unfold in our own lives.
Riley Freeman, a young 17yr old girl, finds herself in deep trouble and at odds with her friends at school (and close family members) after a nude picture of her is posted online anonymously. This transpired after getting a little drunk in a pal’s house party… and this opens up a whole can of worms as deep rooted secrets are revealed about her personal life and that of one of her bff. To help her navigate the horrendous ‘druken night occurances’ and legal issues that ensue these sort of crimes, she sought the help of the infamous private investigator Dani Riper (through which the entire novel is narrated by).
Dani is sarcastic, hilarious, and she gives out a good amount of emotion.

This book is a real roller-coaster ride. Readers experience a whole range of emotions as the plot steadily matures with vivid first person accounts to the whole drama and mistery that befalls the young senoir year girl.
Who can you trust in this world?… especially when it’s your dignity that hangs loose on the thread.


Personally I think the theme resonates true with almost all of us. Regardless of age. We all have our insecurities. We’re all flawed and have those pesky parts of our identity that we’d rather have stay unsaid. And in this day and age the internet and social media haven’t been of help at all. Selfie? Sure why not edit the image add filters and photoshop my extra flabs; set the camera angle right and … click #iwokeuplikethis
Then again with this fast speed technology comes the new phenomenon of instant sharing of content because we’re all soo globally connected and intertwined. So you can only imagine the trauma and emotional drain you would be put through once a careless nude picture of you circulates your inner circle and beyond overnight! – but yeah we’ve seen that before, right? Sex tape scandals anyone?!?

“If I could show you how awful you made me feel, You would never be able to look me in the eye again.”


Qoute from book.

All the more reasons to mule over this John Locke creation of wit and thrill.

In my opinion I think the book was a delight to read even though the language and style of writing may have sold itself off as explicit or rather offensive to some of its readers.

This is what one reader had to say;
“Wildly entertaining! I want to read more Dani Ripper mysteries/cases.”
And another said;
“One of the worst books I have read in the two years I have had my nook. The cursing was horrible, there was explicict same gender sex, the plot was boring, the dialog horrendous, the characters unlikable, the length too long for the storyline”(Barnes&Noble).

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