In my ‘DARK SCAR SERIES’ : I share periodic accounts of what the scars life has left on me mean to me and what I’ve learnt.


Here I am.
If we all had a choice… to be what we want to be. Wouldn’t life not be worth living? Okay just imagine, no working no struggling; just mere achievements. It’ll be like no pain no gain will have been overrulled.

Well having lived with a close person I know (who lives in a shadow), I realised that sometimes getting what we want can turn into a soul tormentor if not achieved. He lives with a dark scar of dumpened dreams. Sort of like living under a  shadow of regrets mixed with bitterness. Well it isn’t entirely his fault… other factors incorporated too.

Having a dream in which he looked up to when he had the innocence to; and watching events that unfolded that proved it a futile plan- only brought up one thing bitterness.

           _End of Part One (1)_

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