This is where beauty went wrong

‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’… I won’t lie this here is one of those phrases I was taught in grammar class but hadn’t really understood what it meant – atleast at that time when I was like 13yrs. But you don’t question the teacher, right?  Or the book; Or the authors of the book; Or the origin of where the people who wrote the book really is : Nope you do not! God forbid you dare, you just take it as it is and somehow it’ll make sense … as for me this particular one didn’t then, and hasn’t yet up until now!


See here’s why I have a problem with this : if something is physically attractive or good to look at, it remains to be that way regardless of whether you are attracted to it or not! Finding something that admires you is one thing, however being drawn towards it is another.

|”k, so where are we headed with this?” *SIGH* | I hear you asking yourself.

Boy : “You’re soo beautiful”
  Girl : “umm thank you”
Boy : “I mean it..and your eyes”
  Girl : (flashes a smirk)
Boy : “Can I have your number?”

Awwh Sweet, right? Being courted the correct way with utmost admiration and respect is a beautiful thing. Like the fairytales… only that this time it’s not superficial and you are not a damsel in distress waiting at the top of the tower for
your knight in shinning amour to come to your rescue and save the day!! Pssst… prince charming no longer exist these days… that’s a fact! Take it or leave it (I’ll tell you why)

There’s a new trend in motion I call it sexual pervertedness. Now more than ever we are embrasing and holding high our sexuality. Of which don’t get me wrong is a beautiful thing. I personally I’m all for it and I love it. Because it’s such an empowering feeling. Trust me, the more you find something good about yourself and flaunt it to your satisfaction, the better you will ever be. Positive as well as healthy body image can tranform your life entirely.


Any time invested in bettering ones self, will always yield results

So to you it could be : wearing some lip gloss; showing off your long lean legs; wearing body fitted outfits accentuating your God given curves; flashing some cleavage; going bare chested once in a while to expose dem abs to the ladies by the pool; wearing a shirt that flexes your pecks, biceps and triceps if you’re blessed to be muscular and as strong as an ox; or wearing some male makeup and blush to give you that red carpect glow and sass of a Hollywood male model… whichever way you know how. What suits your palate!

Read what I wrote about feminism : Feminist is an equalist

Now dear friend, my caution to you here is this. Do you as much as you would like to and show off what you like however, be ready to face the response that comes with how you choose to display yourself to the public eye. Even Sir Newton says Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. You can be sexy and hot and drop dead georgous but you know how to ‘package’ these qualities in a tasteful and less provocative manner. The grace of how you present yourself is what truly counts. People shall treat and approach you how you choose to treat your image to them. So don’t be suprised when you attract a bunch of hooligans as suitors and claim no decent men are around or if all the ladies that hit up your DM are just chicken slates out to go for joy rides before they move on to the next hunky readily available.
Question yourself sincerely and after recollecting your thoughts, come back and give us the beauty you would like us to see in you and appreciate. We shall oh so gladly celebrate what you give us to… straight up no chaser!

Good people are out there I know that for certain… but still I’m yet to be convinced that prince charming is saddling up his horse to come save us… hey what’s up Cinderella? I left you a voicemail please see to it! And hit us right up!

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Remember to keep Reading, Smiling And stay Joyous and Inspired Always 🙂 🙂 🙂

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