I’m not the other woman in his life – she is

​It’s soo good! Soo damn good when it’s on

Yet we both feel compelled to deny it

Deny one another the very thing we want from each other

The thrust, the push&pull, my back against the wall, your hot breath down my kneck… oh Lord have mercy

You ask her out for drinks after work, tell her you miss her when indeed all you’re really saying is – here’s a peace offering for how guilty I feel to be slowly pulling away from you

The unspoken language we speak. How your lips say you want me to leave, “It’s past midnight you need to go” Yet the satisfaction in your eyes scream, “I don’t want you to go, stay put right here in this Eutopia we made for ourselves”

She’s super excited, her skin practically glowing with joy as she tells you all about her cousin’s wedding which you couldn’t attend together with her because you were too committed. Of course you were… between the sex and late night dates, secret hangouts under the moonlight filled with romantic gestures and spicy private whatsApp conversations… you were bound to be extra committed to do anything

I don’t need to ask whether you miss me, whether you want me back, because from a distance I’m observing your mannerisms and I can tell all that I need to know from it

How you’d wish I was the one sitted across that table

That it was my smile you had to look at

My voice you would listen to

The smell of my body spray you could inhale…

But NO! 

You have to play make-believe for the duration of this date, which you clearly weren’t feeling anymore. Never has your vodka-soda tasted so plain. But in your heart of hearts you know the bartender isn’t to blame for that it’s me

A feelings soo magical yet poisoned

A love soo sincere and true yet taboo

A bond soo deep yet unexplainable

A situation soo crappy in our eyes yet soo perfect in our hearts

The reality we can’t live



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