Darn!! …These silly things behind our ribs

“They know No Limits these stupid things behind our ribs”

A smile, a touch, a cuddle: a place of warmth out here in this winter
I lay evaded in your arms. Eyes locked from the start just as our hearts were
You hold my eyes for a moment or more
We stare deep and hard into each other’s eyes ; almost making mad love in hindsight
This sh** isn’t Real it was MAGIC.


*She threw her diamonds against the wall*
A slap to the face another uppercut ; a wail of sorrow … a broken heart!
Our love soo precious bitters fast
Bright Red dims to thick dark pasts
A love we once soo treasured we had’da let go
For to hold on any longer was just a No No No
Is this sh** Real or is it MAGIC?

And now I’m here popping pills getting high try’na numb
These feelings that I have of us happy playing dumb
We keep love in photographs
I need to get rid of them all
Burn! Burn! Burn! you to dust ashes and all
Someone tell me ‘What’s the use of it all’?
If I’ll cry myself a river by the end of it all…
I left you a message down the hallway
See you when you see me lifeless out by the driveway
This sh** wasn’t Real nor was it MAGIC!



Charming 2017 good friends and reader 🙂
My New Year came with New Style don’t you agree? I tried channelling my inner Shakespeare, I hope you liked it… as a matter of fact Let me know what you think (: in the comments below!
This is my very first time crafting a poem piece, any feedback will be greatly helpfull!

I wish you all a Love that withstands waves this coming year 🙂