I’m not the other woman in his life – she is

​It’s soo good! Soo damn good when it’s on

Yet we both feel compelled to deny it

Deny one another the very thing we want from each other

The thrust, the push&pull, my back against the wall, your hot breath down my kneck… oh Lord have mercy

You ask her out for drinks after work, tell her you miss her when indeed all you’re really saying is – here’s a peace offering for how guilty I feel to be slowly pulling away from you

The unspoken language we speak. How your lips say you want me to leave, “It’s past midnight you need to go” Yet the satisfaction in your eyes scream, “I don’t want you to go, stay put right here in this Eutopia we made for ourselves”

She’s super excited, her skin practically glowing with joy as she tells you all about her cousin’s wedding which you couldn’t attend together with her because you were too committed. Of course you were… between the sex and late night dates, secret hangouts under the moonlight filled with romantic gestures and spicy private whatsApp conversations… you were bound to be extra committed to do anything

I don’t need to ask whether you miss me, whether you want me back, because from a distance I’m observing your mannerisms and I can tell all that I need to know from it

How you’d wish I was the one sitted across that table

That it was my smile you had to look at

My voice you would listen to

The smell of my body spray you could inhale…

But NO! 

You have to play make-believe for the duration of this date, which you clearly weren’t feeling anymore. Never has your vodka-soda tasted so plain. But in your heart of hearts you know the bartender isn’t to blame for that it’s me

A feelings soo magical yet poisoned

A love soo sincere and true yet taboo

A bond soo deep yet unexplainable

A situation soo crappy in our eyes yet soo perfect in our hearts

The reality we can’t live



’20’ Is The Golden Year

It’s Summeeeerrrr ya’ll! 
The sun is out, we get to put on ’em shorts and shades as we soak in these rays in our two-piece 😉 mahn! what a time to be alive 🙂 🙂

So yes. I know. It’s been crickets up in here. 

Haven’t posted in a while; but you know life just happens and as writers we go through the dreaded periods of writers’ block… So I hadda take a creative  break but now my mojo’s back on. Yay!

Being an adult is hard work (you should totally take my advice seriously, I was 19 a month  ago) 

Idk do you guys date at all? Like in this day and age is dating still a thing we do? I mean I don’t date. As a matter of fact haven’t dated yet. See there is this genius webseries a friend of mine got me hooked on ToughLoveSeries – Just type that in the youtube search engine to have a look. Trust me it’s superb! They got nominated for a daytime Emmy, so it’s a big deal!

And in this show one of characters –Alicia – said and I quote:

Black guys don’t do the we are now exclusive thing. They love to say “we’re talking” like, what does that even mean? My boyfriend and I were talking for way longer than we should

Listen, relationships are complex and each one has a different experience so I ain’t one to judge where or at what stage you draw the line between just talking and full on dating… Food4Thought?

So one night I was “talking” ( lol! Literally we were sitted looking at the stars. Haha Ikr? Boujie sh*t) to this guy I know who is no longer in my life. And he taking me through the typical stages of a girl’s life. He talked of this timeline that to him represents the classic traditional woman. By that I think he meant she wasn’t no extreme man-hating feminist; moderately career oriented; wanted a family; believed in destiny and eternal love. 

So he said.

At 18 she’s a teenager. At 19 she begins to notice her feminine features and starts acting lady-like and is consious of how she dresses. At 20 still being a lady. At 21 now she starts thinking about her dream wedding. At 22 about this time she’s graduating from college. At 23 she’s RSVP all the parties and is living life hard and wild. At 24 she realises she needs some stability finds a job and moves out of her parents house. At 25 Oh boy! Her clock is ticking she starts being strategic with the men she dates and marriage is her priority.

Cool story bro. 

But why we hatin’ on 20 tho? What’s still being a lady? Like she was trans or something before?

He clearly didn’t have much to say about 20yr olds. Almost to assume they just but a passage/transition period to the next! But we matter too.

20 is bountiful to say the least

*I’ve had my first “job” and made my first penny.

*I’ve first hand experienced the frustration that comes with selling someone a product.

*I’ve made a significant stride in my career

*I’ve grown more in my spiritual faith

*I’ve made mistakes and bad choices in my “talking-ships” and learnt from that.

And in general I’ve just gotten rid of soo much BS and focused on what I want in my journey through life.

But then again I do feel that timeline above, is so narrow-minded. Although in a way when I sat down and thought about it it does represent most women. Women wanting to live that normal life. 

But heck there are those of us who dare to go against the grind. Beat the mould and be ambitious. ‘Cause to him his definition of 20 is far left to mine so yeah! 

Scratch that. Be you. There isn’t one way to live life.



He was that guy

Ye Ni Yule Msee (Swahili translation of “He was that guy“)

You were that guy,
The one who swept me off my feet and took my breath away having not uttered a single word

You were that guy,
The one who succeeded in melting my cold-hard heart away by just being you in all your elements

You were that guy,
You made my knees weak, made them shake, made them tremble each time you called me by my maiden name through those thin sweet lips

You were that guy,
Your allure undeniablely irresistable to all the ladies

You were that guy,
You were a show-stopper whenever you walked in. Manly enough to startle me yet cute enough to make me flinch


You were that guy,
Who managed to make me speechless and shy almost stumbling over each word I said; a feeling my strong composed persona isn’t used to experiencing

You were that guy,
Who drove me *effing insane as I watched those muscles flex, that look on your face right before you shine a clumsy grin, the sparkle in your eyes when you argued passionately, how you licked your plum lips and flashed me a flirtacious smirk

You were that guy,
That I felt totally at ease with: A best friend; A goofy playmate; A confidante; The elder brother I never had; A partner in crime… my everything


You were that guy,
Gentle and caring was your adoration towards me. Heart-to-Heart was our version of One-on-One

You were that guy,
Who swore over all that our today shall remain our fowever. Who is it that gave my heart to you?? Seems to me you must have stolen that sh*t

You were that guy,
Who when the chase game was up, faded that ‘fake’ and shone your true colour upon me with all its rays! But Never did I mind the burning gaze. I loved it to pieces and didn’t complain… for it’s in those flaws that I fell for you more and more and more

You were that guy,
The one who neglected all the promises. Broke the trust. Betrayed our burning love. Traded my sincerity for a weakness. Shredded my heart and broke the soul you once cherrished

You were that guy,
That gave me the same lame break-up line we both heard in that George Clooney romance movie (from the 80’s) we watched that Friday night : “… look this isn’t about you it’s about me …” Really!?! Boy_Bye

You were that guy,
The one I didn’t give the satisfaction to see me cry. You was running your mouth as you always do giving me sweet nothings as I kicked you out of my appartment. I slammed that door behind me just as hard as your words had hurt me

But all that don’t matter to me anymore, wanna know why?? Because you’re exactly that… You were that guy,
Just not anymore


Good Riddance! 🙂

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Darn!! …These silly things behind our ribs

“They know No Limits these stupid things behind our ribs”

A smile, a touch, a cuddle: a place of warmth out here in this winter
I lay evaded in your arms. Eyes locked from the start just as our hearts were
You hold my eyes for a moment or more
We stare deep and hard into each other’s eyes ; almost making mad love in hindsight
This sh** isn’t Real it was MAGIC.


*She threw her diamonds against the wall*
A slap to the face another uppercut ; a wail of sorrow … a broken heart!
Our love soo precious bitters fast
Bright Red dims to thick dark pasts
A love we once soo treasured we had’da let go
For to hold on any longer was just a No No No
Is this sh** Real or is it MAGIC?

And now I’m here popping pills getting high try’na numb
These feelings that I have of us happy playing dumb
We keep love in photographs
I need to get rid of them all
Burn! Burn! Burn! you to dust ashes and all
Someone tell me ‘What’s the use of it all’?
If I’ll cry myself a river by the end of it all…
I left you a message down the hallway
See you when you see me lifeless out by the driveway
This sh** wasn’t Real nor was it MAGIC!



Charming 2017 good friends and reader 🙂
My New Year came with New Style don’t you agree? I tried channelling my inner Shakespeare, I hope you liked it… as a matter of fact Let me know what you think (: in the comments below!
This is my very first time crafting a poem piece, any feedback will be greatly helpfull!

I wish you all a Love that withstands waves this coming year 🙂


Sequel to Dark Scar1

In my ‘DARK SCAR SERIES’ : I share periodic accounts of what the scars life has left on me mean to me and what I’ve learnt.


We all wanna hide our scars. Vexed by what they remind us of, we tend to conceal their remains. Bury the past in our past.

But our scars are what makes us. My scars (each and every one of them) mark an occurence in my life, that makes me. I may hide my scar, but who I am is what the scar holds true.


If anything, thy should wear thy scars on thy sleeves
…with pride. They are proof of how many times life knocked me over, but I got back up! Of what use would this life be if we have nothing to show of it?
I am strong: That’s why I have scars!
I’ve been fucked over a few times… but we saw me through!


As a matter of fact Imm’a place them on the tip of my forehead no chills! These scars tell a story; one that I can’t be ashamed of since it’s my own.

We ain’t done yet! Let’s get back to getting more of those scars… that’s how we’re sure life is happening to us.

           _End of Part One (2)_

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In my ‘DARK SCAR SERIES’ : I share periodic accounts of what the scars life has left on me mean to me and what I’ve learnt.


Here I am.
If we all had a choice… to be what we want to be. Wouldn’t life not be worth living? Okay just imagine, no working no struggling; just mere achievements. It’ll be like no pain no gain will have been overrulled.

Well having lived with a close person I know (who lives in a shadow), I realised that sometimes getting what we want can turn into a soul tormentor if not achieved. He lives with a dark scar of dumpened dreams. Sort of like living under a  shadow of regrets mixed with bitterness. Well it isn’t entirely his fault… other factors incorporated too.

Having a dream in which he looked up to when he had the innocence to; and watching events that unfolded that proved it a futile plan- only brought up one thing bitterness.

           _End of Part One (1)_

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How Socialite Implies On Us.

Kimberly Kardashian West

          Now let’s make
          one thing clear;
        I am NOT a Kim K
        As a matter of fact, 
         I’m a huge fan of
             Kardashian 🙂

We all know this infamous Keeping up with the Kardashians star… and if not … where have you been? Mars? (Go educate yourself!) She is one of the most followed people on Planet Earth. And when all facets of your life gets practically played out on live tv and cable… I’m thinking you won’t be sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace!… Since everyone would feel the need to be all up in your business. Dirty laundry and all…

Kim has dwelled in unfair scrutiny for as long as I can remember. Hate speech, body shamers, sexist remarks, verbal abuse, ridicule… I mean the list goes on and on!
Cut the girl some slack people?? She got it going on! Get a life ; she’s living hers over there and what are you doing? Ya’ll trolls are just a bunch of weirdos sitting behind a monitor screen having nothing better to do with your miserable lives, other than yapping like a bunch of big babies literally and figurativly.


But why is she hated so much? She’s a beautiful soul and as far as logic is concerned… hasn’t harmed anyone, yet fire daggars and machete are splurged all over her social media posts. Yet we still keep comin’ for more. Owh, and that’s how she makes money, through all the devoted and undivided attention we give to her and her brand. Good or bad : you know what they say all press is GOOD press! ~I don’t know who said it

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Could intelligence just be about genes?

DNA Brain

Recent claims seem to suggest so. However it is an area in genetics still under research by professionals in their field. But it does seem rather daunting, doesn’t it? Telling us that our level of mental IQ is somewhat written in our genome. This could subsequently mean that those of us (especially those still in school) who struggle with learning new formulas or acquiring a new set of skills, could just throw in the towel quite (scientifically) easily and despair ’cause … well it all depends on my DNA sequence!

Ethically this may be considered wrong. But numerous longitudinal studies undertaken plus evidence does prove it be quite the real deal. So what does this really mean??



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