Love is … a Diary Away!


Matters of the heart is something I never talk about openly (to anyone) ; but ya’ll not just anyone you are my readers buddies and Friends talk…

So today I’ll with all pride embarass my 14 year old self from the past.


By sharing what being smitten as a teenage girl is really all about – it’s some messed up awkwardness to say the very least… but see for yourself.

DATE : 03/04/2011
Dearly Beloved

You know, just thinking that one day one time in a place I know not of; I will meet you. Idk when or how we’ll meet one another, our first encounter and you know all that first impression stuff people talk about in dem movies… Ooh heck! Maybe I already HAVE met you. And maybe even spent some time with you, LOL funny right?

But owh well who knows… it’s just in the stars. Speaking if which: I’m GEMINI (Heey)   😉
Wonder what your horoscope sign is Aquarius Aries Picies? Humm how I wish.


All this thinking and fantasising… and dreaming and wishing I had a bae right about now gets me thinking. Don’t wanna waste my precious time
squander my hopes and dampen this my fresh head

I don’t wanna waste my: Passion ; Love ; adoration ; eternal romance on some savage of a guy!

Tbh it’s not like I’d wanna have a boyfriend – well again it’s partly true though. I NEED TO CONCENTRATE ON just meee atm. School life, career, my ambitions and set my priorities out straight. Plainly I really wanna just find myself and in the near forseen future, end up Finding you my love!!


Where are you? What’s your name? Watcha doing? Have you seen me? Ever noticed me? Waddup! Where you at love? Huh (sigh) !
I just hope you keep yourself good and cute 😉 for me. And I will love you today just as I will forever!

Patiently|hoping|to cheerish|
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