Truths To Highschooling

Time moves slowly, but passes by swiftly ~

It feels just like a while ago I was in my freshman periods through highschool.


Talk of fresh starts? … More like anxious states!
Anxious of the unknowns, social anxiety was easy to get succumbed to ; Ooh No but not for me (for others other than myself it could apply). See, being a people’s person is one of the things I thank the gods for! I’m good with people and I have a natural ablility to work and easily relate to different kinds of personalities (not to brag but I’m bragging ­čÖé #JustSaying ).

So mingling and making friends was not as such topping my “Worry List”. Honey, I had other issues bugging me : Where’s the nearest place to get food? {‘coz gurl’s gotta feed} ; Do I know where my next class is gonna be? { Idk ’bout you? But have you conveniently spent the entire lesson time in an empty room thinking you were to have an actual class there? Yea, I had my fair share of these; owh And getting misplaced and lost allatime}

What I was constantly bothered by was fitting in! Don’t get me wrong you can do all the mingling good, but if you can’t get accepted by the pack… then you’re gonna have a problem! Which was in turn my problem, because I tend to be a people pleaser in a way. Always wanting everyone and anyone to like me… like why wouldn’t you like me?!? To me there was no reason not to! AT ALL


And methinks this yarn for acceptance is universal. Inclusive but NOT limited to high school going peers. I cleared school around June this year, so memories of it still linger on – hangovers. The highs&lows, The drama&realism, The fun&cruelty, The tears&laughter.

I’ve been there, Done that, Left doing it… And bought a t-shirt

Listen, you are at your prime age during secondary school. That’s where all the magic happens… the growing, the discovering, the learning and finding who you are as an individual. You mold your character accordingly by making the right choices. And peer influence is REAL too!

I reckon at some point I was torn on who I should be/how I should act in order to gain acceptence in the eyes of my peers. #TheStruggleIsReal I tell you. I cocooned my vibrant personality and the ‘real me’ in order to be who they wanted to see in me. This is one of the biggest mistakes I made. Luckily I grew past this and with time I matured and began living in my truth.


So looking back at it all (now) , Here’s some truths I’d want to tell my 15yrs old self fresh from middle school.

1. Sieze the day – Carpe Diem! –and take up as many chances and opportunities as they arise because 20yrs from now you’ll be more disappointed at the things you didn’t do than those you did do!

2. Make an experiment of yourself.


Try new things out and never shy away from things that are well off your comfort levels. Or those that seem new to you. You’ll never know if you don’t try.

3. People will always have something to say no matter what you do! People’s opinion on issues is life lived through their eyes. Customised and biased by past experiences. But they aren’t you, are they? So be you with no appologies!

4. Nothing lasts… sadly even the friendships we made were not guarnteed to stand the test of time (mine didn’t, did yours). So socialize extensively but keep focus. You’re not in it together, you are in it collectively on your own.

5. It’s NOT a Popularity Contest... If it were we’d select a winner, but we didn’t! If you have to put a bushel over your own verson of you (the aunthentic you) ; you’ve got toxity to deal with.

6. When it’s all said and done life is all about making mistakes! Make many of them, you’re not the first to do so! Take lessons learnt, dust your knees and get back to making even more mistakes because it is in that that genius comes about.

7. Don’t take life too seriously ~ although it is. Let loose, laugh heartifully, love honestly, speak truthfully, live rightly,┬ámingle freely. You know the motto yolo!


Look, let’s be real. High school is full of lots and lots of BS! It’s that optimal stage in life where we all flex our character muscles. Too much sass going around; plenty of oestrogen in the air… so then it goes without mentioning tensions and tantrums are gonna arise all around us. No doubt about that. But you gotta just deal… And when it feels like you can’t :

Just let Go
And let Go(d)

If there’s anything you’d pick up from this post just remember these words,

“You can never stand out if you are always trying to fit in

Those who mind don’t matter;
Those who matter don’t mind