Why Khlo-Money might be the ultimate reality star

The name Khloe Kardashian should ring a bell, if it doesn’t who are you and where have you been? That’s ’cause Kardashian is an established brand in itself. The kardashian-Jenner clan are a mogul force of beautiful successful women… or as others would put it “they are famous for being famous” and “have no talent” ; but you know whatever puts you to bed Felicia, is fine by us! They rich and ya’ll not, jealous much?

I’m a mad fan of their esteemed reality show ‘Keep up with the Kardashians’ (kuwtk), wouldn’t miss an episode for the world! 🙂 And though I watch them on small screen I almost feel like I know them personally… that feeling of being soo familiar with the show that you feel intouch upclose and personal with the actors, we’ve all been there a couple of times, yes?


But particularly with Khloe (Khlo-Money is the registered name of her company) I find the most likeable of them all. She’s my idol, and has been for quite sometime now. Simply because she kills it with her uumph attitude and her personality is just genius!

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Reality tv sells like crazyyy and it’s the new kid on the block. Talented individuals from Snooki (Jersey Shore) to Honey boo boo (Here Comes Honey Boo Boo) and Nene Leakes (Real Housewives Of Atlanta), all pay their dues to reality tv for jumpstarting their careers in the entertainment industry.

But I must agree it does seem rather doozy to be sat infront of your telly screen watching other people go about their life…


I’ve had somebody  snarlingly comment ~ “You sitted watching other people live their life!?!”
(Owh that statement made me sick to the stomach!) Like excuse my French, but I’m not some loser of a person who finds momentary satisfaction in following the over-hyped lives of these people! If anything they serving me with entertainment in form of an alternative, often fake, reality. The good, the bad through to the glitz and glamour.

I’ve been around the block and I’ve had my fair share of reality tv craze. And one thing I can tell for certain is that the success of any reality show depends mostly with relatability. Do the characters speak to the viewer? Or are they concurrent with my lifestyle? While still appealing to my fantasy sweetspot…

And with this I believe Khloè has nailed it with her audience BECAUSE :-

### She knows the struggle is Real!


Khloe has never shied away from talking candidly about her weight issues and fully documenting her transformation (Revenge body) on Kuwtk. Her struggle with weight and body shamers hits close to home with literally every single person. Insecurities are all too common – we all have them – so therefore having an icon show us that they too struggle resonates well with other viewers.

### She too faces Relationship sagas. Unlike many celebs who’d rather prefer to potray the perfect marriage/dating life… Khloe tells us it’s okay to be vulnerable. No relationship is perfect and hers isn’t an exception! Khloe lets us in on her highs&lows (with Lamar and her draining divorce battle) and proves it’s possible to have a smile on your face regardless of whatever you’re going through, and in the end come out stronger than before 🙂

### She lives the single lady’s dream! She got her mulla up; She balling on some higher level; And she owns her life (not dependent of any man)… what more would a lady want in this life? She samples the classic YOLO babe (3rd generation woman) and does so in the most tasteful way there is!

### She’s a jack of all trades.


Apart from her gorgeous looks, Khloe makes it clear to her fans she’s not just another pretty face out here… she got skill too! Her business savvy mind got her her own radio and tv talk show Kocktails With Khloe that was running last year before being cancelled (after 14 episodes). In addition her killer new show Revenge Body is currently showing on E! She also published a mind, body and soul guide by the title Strong Looks Better Naked. Girl does it all Yo!

### She got that killer bod…
Hello bootaayy!


She serving us motivation and envy all at the same time! She be sweating us headbands and gymtees tryna get a booty like that someday. The girls want it; The boys drool over it… eitherway it’s a win-win situation!

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