Sequel to Dark Scar1

In my ‘DARK SCAR SERIES’ : I share periodic accounts of what the scars life has left on me mean to me and what I’ve learnt.


We all wanna hide our scars. Vexed by what they remind us of, we tend to conceal their remains. Bury the past in our past.

But our scars are what makes us. My scars (each and every one of them) mark an occurence in my life, that makes me. I may hide my scar, but who I am is what the scar holds true.


If anything, thy should wear thy scars on thy sleeves
…with pride. They are proof of how many times life knocked me over, but I got back up! Of what use would this life be if we have nothing to show of it?
I am strong: That’s why I have scars!
I’ve been fucked over a few times… but we saw me through!


As a matter of fact Imm’a place them on the tip of my forehead no chills! These scars tell a story; one that I can’t be ashamed of since it’s my own.

We ain’t done yet! Let’s get back to getting more of those scars… that’s how we’re sure life is happening to us.

           _End of Part One (2)_

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