3 Reasons to cut off Toxic People

      “Show me your friends,
            and I’ll tell you
              who you are”

You are who you spend most of your time with ; we’ve heard this ,right? In as much as its been used severally… just like any other cliché there is some element of truth in it.

I remember I was told this alot growing up by my teachers in school and my parents in an attempt to try and monitor who I hanged out with. Me thinks it was their way of choosing our friends for us…
But even today we do need to be picky when it comes to who we let into our lives, because they can determine the course of our future. They can either build us for the better or … bring us down bits by bits.

So what comes to mind when I say toxic people?
To many you picture bad company and people with poor morals. Let’s say druggies, alcoholics, smokers or simply one with socially unacceptable behaviours. But sometimes it doesn’t really take all this to be toxic in nature. You’ll be surprised to find that upright people could exude toxic qualities.  Your friend could be toxic, a classmate or even a family member- yes! – could be toxic as well.

Here's what I mean by 'Toxic People'

Just as we remove toxins from our bodies to be healthy; toxic people need to be flushed for our lives to flourish.

It took time for me to realise how I was conviniently entertaining toxic characters in my life. Distant yourself from such people… if possible avoid them entirely!
Whoever makes you feel lesser of a person than you are is toxic and needs to be CUT OFF!


     ______Here’s Why:______

1. They are Energy Drainers


    Have you ever had a conversation with someone and once it’s over it feels like life has literally been sucked out of you? These people complain about everything and anything… nothing seems to go right according to them! It’s either the bad weather; The poor state of the economy; Their boss; How unwell they feel – and they keep going on and on and never stop. As you give them a shoulder to lean on, you’re doing yourself a de-service because their negative energy is indirectly passed on to you, while on the other hand nothing you can do can change theirs.

2. Their Pessimism kills Creativity


    To the toxic mentality the negatives almost always outweighs any positives.
    “…But what if it doesn’t?”
        Counter that with
    “…But what if it does?”
The world isn’t always painted black and grey. Toxic people have the ability to wear off that slight enthusiasm you woke up with in the morning.

3. Your Goals won’t be a Reality


    We always seek others approval and input before we get started on any project; so that does it fail… we can shift the blame on others and not take full accountability. That idea may never see the light of day if you decide to engage a toxic person. To them you need to have it all planned out to the last and finest detail (But who said you have to though?) Sometimes you just have to do it and Let go and Let God! We get to learn from our mistakes and failures along the way.

         Now ask yourself
    Are You a Toxic person?

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